Live In Love

Have you unleashed your wings to fly the highest you can go? Are you unapologetically living your birthright to be authentic + the only one of you there is?  Are there limiting beliefs, relationships or past experiences weighing you down?

I empower women to let go + soar.  Do you crave freedom?

Be free. From the inside + out.

This is YOUR life to live the best you can.

I can show you how.

Yoga. Meditation. Reiki. Ayurveda. Empowerment. Moon Circles.

Creating in love

As a child I had boxes of arts + crafts.  I love creating.  As an adult I began to let go of that passion. In the past few years I have begun developing some amazing products. 

All are made with the earth in mind. Derived from the earth, safe to go back into the earth, percentages of proceeds being donated to nonprofits for earth cleanups.

All are made with Meraki (leaving a piece of yourself in all you do) I handcraft in small batch under the energy of a New or Full Moon.  All infused with Reiki + most importantly- made with LOVE + the recipient in heart.

Check some out below:

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